Wall Lights & Sconces

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  • Empire Glass Wall Sconce Set


    A monumental block of crystal is carved with a concave channel to hold an Edison bulb, and set in a frame of solid brass. The crystal reveals its solidity when illuminated, refracting and reflecting the bulb within, but takes on a weightless transparency when dark.

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    Knurled Wall Sconce Set

    Original price was: R4,980.00.Current price is: R3,199.00.

    Contrasting textures are the hallmark of the Knurled lighting. Each piece is incised with a complex diamond pattern, an industrial detail that adds a subtle decorative effect. The polished metal plate and socket provide a gleaming counterpoint.

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    Elliptical Art Deco Wall Sconce Set

    Original price was: R6,760.00.Current price is: R4,499.00.

    The Elliptical Art Deco Wall Sconce with LED Lighting and an adjustable cable is a beautifully designed pece of art to light up your room.

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    Float Glide Wall Sconce Set

    Original price was: R4,100.00.Current price is: R2,750.00.

    Float is a collection of refined lighting informed by glamorous design cues of a bygone era and defined by its soaring cylindrical form.